CCTV Monitoring

To heighten the security of your valuable stock even further, Intelligent Safe Technologies also offers a remote CCTV incident monitoring service. The monitoring system is independent of The Intelligent Safe™ and monitors human activity around the safe; it is entirely self-contained and requires no external power source or hard-wire internet connection. The local signal is transmitted over a military-grade radio frequency to the local transmitter which then transmits it to the central control room via GSM or Ethernet. The signal cannot be hacked or jammed.

If any motion is detected, it sends a brief video clip of the activity to the central control room where it is analysed by a trained operator and, in the event of a robbery attempt, the alarm is raised and appropriate action is taken:

  • Armed response and SAPS are notified
  • The premises alarm is activated
  • The owner or responsible person is notified
  • The Intelligent Safe's™ active defence mechanisms may also be activated manually (if required)