How It Works

How Does The Intelligent Safe™ Work?

The Intelligent Safe's™ smart, computer-controlled functionality provides cutting edge security against armed robbery of high value stock - cell phones, tablets, jewellery, perfumes and the like - with the least inconvenience of daily use in a busy retail environment.

Stock is divided up and secured in multiple, separate safety compartments, each with time delay opening. Only one compartment may be opened at a time.

The time delay opening system buys time in the event of an armed robbery. The time delay period is adjustable to suit any required risk profile.

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Intuitive Computer Control System

The intuitive control system operates on Windows 10 and features a large 7" touchscreen display operator interface. Access is only possible to authorized users through a two-stage validation process of PIN code entry and fingerprint biometric authentication.

The Intelligent Safe™ records and logs exactly who opened which compartment/s, the time, the date and the duration of each opening event. The super-user/owner has access to the event log 24/7 from anywhere on the planet via a secure web portal.

In the event of an armed robbery, the intelligent control system sends out a silent duress alarm to summon assistance and time delay opening of the safety compartments is automatically doubled, trebled or quadrupled to buy time.



  • The control system provides head office access to all control functions and data logs through a secure web portal over the internet at any time of day or night.
  • Operators can be instantly removed from the system by head office through the web portal.
  • The control system is fully programmable by the authorized super-user to suit any specific security requirements, risk profiles and local operating conditions.
  • Internal standby power supply

Access Control Levels

The Intelligent Safe™ has three layers of access control:

  • Level 1 local access for sales staff
  • Level 2 local access for store manager
  • Level 3 remote or local access for super-user (or owner)

Software Updates

On-going software updates to the latest version of the operating system are provided free of charge for the lifetime of the unit:

  • Enhancements to keep the system ahead of criminal behaviour patterns
  • Software refinements and improvements


Overnight Lockdown

At a predetermined time The Intelligent Safe™ will give staff a five minute warning and then go into automated overnight lockdown mode.

  • Local access is disabled
  • All alarm sensors are fully activated
  • All defence mechanisms are fully activated

Only the super-user is able to access the control system via the secure web portal to monitor the safe's status and data logs.

Automated overnight lock-down and wake-up times are fully programmable by the super-user.

High Integrity Sensor Protection

  • Radar detection of any human presence when The Intelligent Safe™ is in overnight lockdown mode.
  • Safety compartment door sensors.
  • Vibration sensor detects any attempted forced entry.
  • Radar-sensed 5-Megapixel full HD camera to record high resolution images of any perpetrator approaching the safe.

Active Defence Mechanisms

  • Internal siren activation.
  • Automated GSM and Ethernet dial-out alerts are automatically sent out to user-designated phone numbers.
  • Store premises alarm link.
  • Pepper spray or smoke screen deterrent systems. The pepper spray contains ultraviolet dye and enforces the immediate evacuation of the premises in less than three seconds. The optional smoke screen system instantly generates masses of inert, non-toxic white smoke to reduce visibility to zero.
  • External connections are also provided for a remote alarm siren and LED strobe light for front of house.
  • Optional high-intensity LED strobe light. The frequency and intensity of the strobe disorientates any perpetrators in the immediate vicinity.