New Developments

  • RFID automated inventory management. With radio frequency identification, stock is automatically recorded for receipts, sales and returns. It allows live remote and local monitoring of stock. Daily stock-takes are available over the internet from anywhere on the planet at the press of a button.
  • Time and Attendance. Users have to clock into work before access to The Intelligent Safe™ is granted. It can also be used for all other staff, from cleaners to management.
  • The Intelligent Controlled Access Cubicle™. The Intelligent Controlled Access Cubicle™ (I-CAC) is installed in place of an access door to the back of house stock room. Its bulletproof doors and smart sensing system only allow single-person access via a user PIN code and biometric authentication. It's linked to the Intelligent Safe™ computer control system and alarm and defence mechanisms. Any unauthorized access attempt locks the perpetrator in the cubicle and triggers the alarm.